Papas History

Papa’s was established in 1966 by Photio’s Papas, who’s vision, determination, hard work and sincerity created a name in quality and customer service. Not to mention an early pioneer of supporting sustainable fish resources on the marketplace.

It was the embodiment of every Papa’s branch.

Mama & Papa, Phylis & Phodios early years together
Papa in 1972 working with managers in the busy Cliftonville Zion Place branch


Phodios in The first ever “Papas Greengrocery” in 1958, Smethwick, High Street, Birmingham
1972 working in Margate with nephew Adam Marino


Weston Super Mare’s Hidden Gem

Weston-super-Mare is a well known tourist location. With the recognition we’ve had and the numerous honours we have received, we would like to think of ourselves as being part of the parcel of Weston.

When people come to Weston-super-Mare, they enjoy the fresh sea air and finish off with a lovely Papa’s Fish & Chips.

Papa in 1966 working with brother Costas and Niece Kiki in Margate
Papa in Trafalgar Square 1953 feeding the pigeons


Papa on the left sharing a joke with brothers Johny and Kerry

You can also find other award winning branches around the UK.

Pop in for a Papa’s experience!